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The Zero Home System

Over the past twelve years Barry has been actively involved in examining and implementing modified building fabric /coupled with renewable energies to find suitable sustainable solutions that can deliver affordable and comfortable living.

” Through my many years of hands on experience in the building sector I noticed that the primary contributing factors to reduced building performance are Improper Materials Specification and Sub Contract Management.

With careful specification and project implementation training I have created a system that has produced quantifiable results in building superior carbon rated housing without the need for additional skills.

Terms such as Passive House, Codes of Sustainability, Carbon Footprints are a distraction from the real objective which is creating affordable and practical design solutions that are economical to build, economical to run, practical in everyday use and are robust enough to withstand our western climate and most of all ‘work’ for the end user.”

Barry’s belief is that we have ‘forgotten as much as we have learned’ and should look to tradition as much as embracing future technologies. Using both traditional materials, construction techniques in partnership  with proven and tested skills – adapted and developed over many years we can deliver affordable and comfortable living which is sustainable.

Simplicity is the key to approaching Low and Zero Carbon Homes of the future. Bringing together my years of building experience of building fabric incorporated with renewable energy expertise that is available today we can make the affordable solution achievable, that is not, compromised in design, is robust,durable and sustainable.

Of course there is the need for re-training of skills to more precise modified levels but my on-site experiences have confirmed that good tradesmen want to do the job properly and find it much more satisfying.This I consider really important because when it comes down to it, to achieve the next generation of affordable comfortable homes, we need these tradesmen.

It is not by chance that these trades and the materials they use have lasted for centuries.They are a major part of the process of “crafting a sustainable future from the past” using materials, contructions and skills that are locally sourced and available.

My approach is the simple solution and forms the growth path to Zero Carbon homes by 2016 or before!