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Lessons Learned

As we set out at the start of our recently completed project we reviewed our aspirations. What lessons could we can draw from our new approach.

Our goals where simple.

  • To achieve a Zero Carbon or at least an “A-Rated” home the design can be traditional, both inside and out, allowing it to harmonise with the local vernacular
  • That using sustainable and current technology a Code 5 house fabric can easily be achieved with “whole-of-life” benefits and with the integration of a simple renewable technology a Zero Carbon house can be achieved at an affordable cost. This is the solution to “household fuel poverty” and “self-sufficiency” in  mainstream social housing.
  • That maximising “self-sufficiency” through good design can be achieved
  • To demonstrate design required to consistently reach an air tightness of 1-1.25 essential for future builds
  • Optimising overall efficiency of the house through better and practical insulation methods, reducing heat loss and running costs
  • Incorporating renewables that are of max benefit in zero carbon homes, which are relevant, practical and cost effective
  • That Zero Carbon/A-Rated homes built with concrete and masonry can use existing construction methods and skills with a simple renewable energy strategy
  • That the local supply chain, short lead times and flexible programme offered by concrete and masonry construction continue to be a key benefit
  • That products do not always do “what they say on the tin” and that the designer must carefully consider a products suitability
  • That all involved in a project from patron to tradesmen to end users must be inducted into the modified and improved construction techniques, materials specified and best management procedures.
  • That the universal energy conscious “mind-set” of each tradesman on the project is shared by all tradesmen and that a “trade respect” is instilled from the start
  • That with an awareness of improved building standard a home can be affordable, comfortable and costing little or nothing to heat