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New Houses in NI Magazine II

New Houses in NI Magazine II

ZeroHome System Article – New Houses in Northern Ireland Magazine Mar 2015.

Architect/sustainability consultant and “ZeroHome System” creator, Barry Gallagher states “Our culture and lifestyle is what it is, so rather than trying to change it completely,why not just build on what we have and are familiar with”. If we approach change in this way, people will understand and respond – and it is the response that is so crucial to the success of so many good ideas. ZeroHome System understands that a house is to be lived in and enjoyed by all the family and should be “whole-of-life” and used as a family needs to use it. It also must do “what it says on the tin”. The system embraces affordability, low maintenance, simplicity, use of systems with a proven track record and robust/durable solutions and benefits from using mainstream construction methods supported by a well-established supply chain. Future-proofing tradition is the engine of the “Zerohome system” approach.